Cyber Defence Research Centre Introduction

Cyber Defence Research Centre (CDRC) is a joint initiative of the Govt. of State of Jharkhand and the Jharkhand State Police (Special Branch). The organization has been set up with the directive for building capability in proactively controlling Cybercrime and providing Cyber Security across the state. CDRC operates from the State Police HQ in Ranchi and oversees the entire state to identify areas of improvement and implementation of measures to address cybercrime and cyber threats. The goal is to make Jharkhand a model state in the country in respect of cyber security control.


CDRC has been set up to deal with cyber security, website hacking and to work for overall protection of cyber assets and critical infrastructure in the State of Jharkhand.


The CDRC team will work as a research team to help build a proactive and resilient cyber defense system and provide solutions to State Government departments and agencies in a guided manner while keeping a watch on malicious attempts for hacking of websites and IT infrastructure belonging to the State Government, private organisations and PSUs. CDRC will endeavor to work in an advisory capacity and not as an investigative body.


The objective of CDRC is to engage in various activities and research aimed at raising the level of cyber security in Jharkhand State, as indicated in the brief list below:

  • Law Enforcement, Investigation and Forensics Assistance to State CID, Cyber cells and Police units
  • Cyber CafĂ© Controls
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Technology Development
  • Responsible Disclosure
  • Public and Industry Awareness
  • Research
  • Anti Piracy
  • Secure WiFi
  • Cybercrime Helpline, Public Outreach
  • Telecom Security
  • Cyber terrorism controls
  • State Critical Infrastructure
  • National/International tie-up to further our capabilities in these domains